Nomination forms and instructions for Synod convention-elected positions

Nominations for Secretary, Boards, and Commissions

Slates for the election of the Secretary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and Synod-convention-elected positions on the boards and commissions of the Synod and certain of its agencies are assembled by the Committee for Convention Nominations (CCN; Bylaws 3.12.3–, 2019 Handbook, pp. 179–82).

Incumbents who are not term-limited are considered to be nominated (but do not always continue in service). The slates produced by the CCN may be amended by the convention through a process of floor nomination (Bylaw

Outside of these two sources, however, the committee’s work depends entirely on nominations submitted by “agencies and officers of the Synod, congregational and individual members of the Synod, and the laypersons of the congregations of the Synod, between 18 months and 9 months prior to a Synod convention (Bylaw (Candidates for president and the vice-presidents of the Synod are nominated by congregations as such via another means.

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